The importance of a well designed website is absolutely crucial to the future of your business, particularly in the current economic climate, when the web is being used increasingly as a channel for meeting your business goals.

Website architecture, design & build

There has never been a better time to invest in a good website. Today, websites are often the first port of call for any prospective customer looking for information about a company.
With the right web design even the smallest business can project professional image. But the reverse is also true. A bad first impression with a poorly designed website could undermine you company's credibility and send customers away.

Our web design process consists of five phases summarized below:


Web Design Phases


Our Approach

The purpose of web design is to facilitate communication between user and content.
By understanding our clients business, we develop designs that make effective use of
brand colors, layout, site organization, and presents the content in an intuitive manner.

  • A websites that focuses users attention

    Websites not only have to look professional but also need to serve a purpose. It is important that visitors to your site are able to quickly and easily access the required information.
    By understanding your requirements and focusing on best practice information architecture and usability, we develop user-friendly designs that make effective use of brand colours, layout, site organization, and presents the content in an intuitive manner.

  • A website that is right for your business

    We work with you to make sure that your website works for your overall business strategy, is appropriate for your industry, executes flawlessly, and supports your business goals.

    • Assess  -  We discuss your website and your business goals. (Or the website you want to have built.)
    • Improve  -  We then suggest and implement practical website improvements so your site generates results for your business.
    • Deliver  -  The work is only complete when it is done to your satisfaction. Guaranteed.
  • A website at the right price

    Because every website is different and client's need vary widely, we individually assess and price each project uniquely.

User Experience

User experience architecture plays an important role in our design process, because a good website should enable people to navigate their way through the site to get to where they want.

Creating great user experiences is about finding the right mix of design, technology and
content to meet the needs of the audience and eventually achieve the business goals.

  • Creating an experience

    Any system is an experience. You experience the layout, colors, fonts, photographs,
    etc. Creating a positive experience through design is what we are best at.
    It doesn't matter if that experience is corporate, dynamic, or somewhere in-between. We
    will deliver to your audience the experience that best promotes your business.

  • User centered design

    We focus on the user to ensure our designs meet their needs. Ultimately your system is
    only successful if your users take the desired actions on the site and get the right

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